Dear Katie Price

Dear Katie

I think you have been misinformed, and I would like to show you what really happens to parents of disabled children, and not what you have seen should happen.

As you will know getting a diagnosis for your child is like being hit by a train, you will have already had appointments on top of appointments, and then wham you get the, I/ we believe you child has……….., most of the rest is normally a blur and for the next few days you often don’t know what to do or who to turn to, some parents are lucky and will get a social worker from the child disabilities team, who will either guide them or will be as much use as a chocolate teapot, others will be left for weeks on end searching for their own answers, often not knowing where to search or who to ask.

Then there are the parents who will be hit by every brick wall they can find and are passed from pillar to post at all times, they are crying out for help that never comes, so they just muddle through as best they can. I can tell you I have never found a disabled parent who is lazy, and yes there are probably some out there that are, I am not naive I know they exist too.

Please Katie do not judge us all like that help us get the changes that need to be in place, here is what I think should happen.

A named social worker who will help us get everything our children need,

Support from day one, for the whole family,

Someone who will listen to our concerns and help when we need it,

Information networks for parents regardless of the child’s disability

Lets work together Katie we could all make change happen here and maybe you would be heard better than some of us




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6 Responses to Dear Katie Price

  1. Angela Miller says:

    Well said with 3 children that have various special needs and disabilities, I am far from lazy, when I eventually flop into bed some nights I’m lucky if I get more than 3 hours sleep. The comments made were disgusting and offensive to any parents that dedicate their whole time to looking after their disabled child/children

  2. karen barnard says:

    spot on..terrijayne …lets hope Katie sees this and retracts what she said……its bloody hard work having a child with special needs we don’t have time to be “lazy” …she really don’t know what shes talking about !!! GET REAL WOMAN !!!!

  3. Jennie says:

    Katie Price. U have 1 disabled child. But you don’t have to fill in the endless forms for. Benefits your child deserves because you have earned your money and your child will want for nothing. Some people have. Nothing and the government thinks that is OK. Wake up Pricey. Get yourself down to the real world

  4. kelly leverno says:

    Katie rice you are a joke you are never ever seen with harvey maybe its cause you let other people do all the work for you whilest your busy getting your boobs hair or nails done instead of spending quality time with him so untill such day you do dont judge every all the other parents who do provide round the clock care for there children and struggle wake up

  5. Why did Katie Price not focus on knowing what support you need being half the battle, postcode lottery of where you live whether you get support or not, and those who shout the loudest or know their way around the system are able to usually get the support that their child requires if it exists. I am really disappointed in Katie Price’s waste of airtime . She had a choice, to be an advocate for the many parents like ourselves facing similar challenges to herself .She could have used her fame to work towards a positive outcome however she chose not too. (deep sigh)

    • mummyto4 says:

      I know, I wished she had thought about what she was saying, although I don’t think she is all bad which is why I am giving her this chance to talk to us

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